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He is the future son of Toka Fushimi and Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami.


He has several characteristics reminiscent of his parents, such as the shape of his hair and face are similar to his father's, while the eye and hair color is similar to his mother's, he wears a divine costume similar to the from his maternal uncle.


It can be said that he inherited the otaku tendencies of his country.


He appeared in chapter 50, where he was crying while being carried by Toka and Uka.



he maintains a good relationship with his parents, he pretends to have no interest in otaku culture, but that's just a facade to hide that he likes it.

Maternal Relatives:

it can be said that he maintains a good relationship with his relatives from his mother, it can be theorized that he is undermined by his grandmother and great aunt, as well as having been trained by his grandfather in the arts of the sword, already with his uncle otoshi , he doesn't like his siscon personality.

Paternal Relatives:

It is not known if he knows any of his relatives from his father, but we can say that he loves them and wants very much to meet them, but we can say that he seems to have a protective side to his cousin Akari.



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