宇迦之御魂神 Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown Age
Species God
Eye color Golden Yellow
Hair color Blonde
Occupation God
Father Susanoo-no-Mikoto
Mother Kamuoi-Chihime
Siblings Otoshi-no-Kami (Brother)
Familiars Kon

ShiShi and RoRo

Love interest Toka Fushimi (Husband)
Child(s) Unamed Child
Voice Actor
Japanese Hōko Kuwashima
Anime Episode 1
manga Chapter 001
Usually simply called "Uka". After granting Inari's wish to become someone else, which she came to regret, Uka gave Inari some of her power so that she may transform at will. Despite being a god, she has great interest with otaku stuff and is usually seen playing games in her room or in Tōka's room. She appears to have developed feelings for Tōka, much to the disdain of her fellow gods and mother. She had a rocky start with him but later they are a couple.


Uka is a beautiful fair-skinned woman with blonde hair that is usually tied in a ponytail, secured with red ribbons and golden yellow eyes
  • Uka's appearance in anime.
  • Uka's appearance in manga.
She is mostly seen as wearing her shrine god kimono or she will either wear a normal kimono.

Personality Edit

Uka is a kind and sweet woman. She has a high rank but is not at all arrogant. She gets freaked out by her brother easily. She wants to feel the same feeling a human feels.


Episode 1 Edit

Uka is first shown watching Inari Fushimi with ShiShi and RoRo during one of Inari's childhood events. Later in the evening when Inari scream for gods, Uka sends ShiShi and RoRo to bring Inari to herself. At the end of shrine gates in the middle of a lake, there happens to be a shrine with the size of a normal room. Uka's foxes invite Inari in, where she encounters Uka after the foxes announce Inari's arrival to Uka.

Abilities Edit

Uka has the power to transform. She can also grant wishes and give her divine power to Inari.


She is the god to whom human call as 'Inari'.

Amaterasu Omikami's niece.


"I hope Inari is okay."

"Don't tell Inari that I have fainted."