Toka Fushimi
伏見 燈日 Fushimi Tōka
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Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 18 (Human)

Unknown Age (God)

Species Human (Former)

God (Actual)

Eye color Red
Hair color Dark Grey/Black
Occupation Student (Former)

God (Actual)

Status Alive
Father Fushimi Hatsuma
Mother Fushimi Kuzuha
Siblings Inari Fushimi (Younger Sister)
Love interest Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami (Wife)
Child(s) Unknown Child
Voice Actor
Japanese Yōji Ueda
Anime Episode 1
manga Chapter 001
Inari's older brother, who is a high school student. He appears to get relatively high grades, and had developed feelings for Uka. He has been able to see gods since young, and due to an event that occurred at Uka's shrine, he was initially very mistrustful of her. Despite his developing feelings for Uka, he is having his doubts because he realized that he is gradually growing farther away from her.</span


Toka has short black hair and red eyes.
  • Toka's appearance in anime.
  • Toka's appearance in manga.


Toka is a young man, who spends most of his time studying for entrance exams to enter into a good university even though his grades are relatively higher than the average. Most of the time he's seen writing blog posts and is seen with some literary talent. He takes care for his sister so much that even Tanbabashi Kouji was shocked when he chose Uka over her sister (but that is, of course he trusted his sister's capacity and strength to overcome the challenge that she was facing). Even though he eventually developed feelings for Uka, they really didn't have a "good" relationship in the beginning. He hates Uka and believed that her existence is not good for his sister, but then he realized along the way that all of his first impressions weren't true and that Uka was a good individual.




He acts as The Pro Crastinators' Mascot