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Koji Tanbabashi (丹波橋 紅司, Tanbabashi Kōji) is one of the main characters of Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha series.

Koji is a classmate of Inari Fushimi, whom she has a crush on. Koji is a member of the basketball team and prior to getting to know Inari, he appeared to have a crush on Akemi Sumizome, though this is revealed to be false. Later, he develops feelings for Inari. He has since come to terms that he does like Inari, even going so far as to tell his closest male friends of his growing feelings. He eventually comes to learn about Inari's powers.


Koji has black short hair and grey eyes.

He is mainly seen wearing his school uniform most of the time. 


Koji is a kindhearted boy who loves Inari. In the beginning of the anime, he doesn't seem to realize his feelings for Inari. Nonetheless, as the story progresses, he soon comes to acknowledge that he has feelings for her.




Inari Fushimi

His girlfriend and wife in the future

Shidzu Tanbabashi

Unnamed Father

Shiro Tanbabashi

Akemi Sumizome

Keiko Sanjo

Chika Marutamachi

Hajime Hashimoto

Ryuichi Idemachi

Mr. Takeda

Toka Fushimi



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