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Izumo, Arranged Dates, Kerfuffle. (出雲、お見合い、大騒ぎ。, Izumo, Omiai, Ōsawagi.) is the eight episode of Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.



Tōka takes Inari with him to Izumo to try and talk with Uka about Inari's divine power, but Kamu drags her away to her marriage meetings whilst Inari and Tōka are stuck with Toshi. Wanting to put a stop to Uka's arranged marriage, Inari takes Uka's form to take her place and try and thwart the meetings, which causes the real Uka to faint due to her divine power being drained. However, Inari's efforts only serve to infuriate Kamu, who sends the other guards to chase after Inari and Tōka. As Tōka comes across Uka, learning how Inari's use of divine power causes Uka to weaken, with any further use potentially transferring all of Uka's divinity to Inari, turning her into a god herself, Inari comes across Uka's father, Susanoo-no-Mikoto, who gives her the courage to stand up against Kamu and the other gods, refusing to hand Uka over to people who just want to marry her for her power. As the arranged meetings are called off and Inari and Tōka return home, Amaterasu, learning that Uka knows how to regain her powers from Inari, locks her up in a cave to keep her apart from humans.